Yahalom project, Kfar Saba

הדמיית פרויקט - יהלום כפר סבא

The Yahalom Kfar-Saba” Project is a residential project which will bring an innovative vision to one of the most sought after areas in Kfar-Saba: the heart of the city.
Bar-Oz’s “The Yahalom Kfar-Saba” project’s unique location at 88 Weizman Street allows tenants to enjoy the many advantages that this area has to offer. At just a short walking distance there are a variety of shops, café’s, the city’s cultural hall, HMO, city gardens and much more… you don’t even have to move the car.
The beautiful architecture, high standard and intelligent design promises to give you the highest residential experience.
There are 3, 4 or 5 bedroom apartments and a variety of unique apartments to choose from.

Floor plan of the apartments:

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