Bar-Oz Group is a group of construction companies specializing in development, planning, construction and sale of residential apartments, and commercial, industrial and office buildings.

אתר בר-עוז תמונת אווירה

The Company’s Vision

The Bar-Oz group has engraved in itself the highest values of professionalism, reliability and personal relationships. All of our employees are dedicated to these values in all areas of responsibility towards our clients. The principle that the client is at the heart of our concerns is not just wishful thinking but it has been the group’s  guiding line since its founding 35 years ago by the late founder Yaki Bar-Oz. The vision of building the country and giving the highest consideration for buyers has and will always accompany us in every project we set out to achieve.

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      We do not share your information with anyone else

      Bar-Oz Y.A. Construction Co. (1988) Ltd.
      Bar-Oz (1990) Ltd.
      A.R.Y. Nordau Ltd.
      A.R.Y. (Bar-Oz) Development and Construction Ltd.
      Bar Oz-Yatir Building Co. Ltd.
      Eyal Bar-Oz