Urban renewal

The Bar-Oz group has set its target to be the leader in the field of urban renewal in the Sharon area. On the one hand the group provides a strong economic and professional support that comes from thirty-five years of experience and a track record of dozens of projects with thousands of satisfied tenants, and on the other hand they have made it their mission to give personal attention to the individual needs of every tenant.

The groups’ high success and the amount of experience accumulated over the years, their proven ability to conduct and promote processes in front of municipal bodies and their knowledge and professionalism, all this make the Bar-Oz Group the sought after choice for tenants looking for a partner for urban renewal in their building. The group is led by Ari Bar-Oz, son of the late founder Yaki Bar-Oz, and as a company with a long standing tradition and respectable reliability, quality and service are a prime objective. We at Bar-Oz believe in full transparency of our conducts with all of our tenants and are certain that that is the right way to getting the best results possible.

“The Yahalom Kfar-Saba” Project is a residential project which will bring an innovative vision to one of the most sought after areas in Kfar-Saba: the heart of the city.

Bar-Oz’s “The Yahalom Kfar-Saba” project’s unique location at 88 Weizman Street allows tenants to enjoy the many advantages that this area has to offer. At just a short walking distance there are a variety of shops, café’s, the city’s cultural hall, HMO, city gardens and much more… you don’t even have to move the car.

The beautiful architecture, high standard and intelligent design promises to give you the highest residential experience.

There are 3, 4 or 5 bedroom apartments and a variety of unique apartments to choose from.